Recipe: Tereré (cold mate) with orange juice

Tereré with orange juice

To make this recipe, you will need:

- Yerba mate for Tereré
- Some water
- Orange juice (natural or artificial)
- Crushed ice or ice cubes that you can crush by mixing them


In a wide-mouthed glass or thermos, place the Yerba Maté so that it almost fills the container halfway. Add crushed ice or ice cubes, water and orange juice to your liking.

This is the most popular way to prepare Tereré. In general, most people prefer to use an artificial orange flavor.


Use a bombilla to drink your preparation.
Use Yerba Mate with sticks. It will be much easier to absorb without leaving any residue.
If the mate is powdered, add ice first.
To enhance the flavor and add color to your drink, cut the orange and lemon into pieces, the essence of the fruit will remain in the drink.

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