Mate Vodka

Mate Vodka

To carry out this preparation, you will need:

- Yerba mate
- Melon
- Fruit salad
- Vodka


In a coffee maker or press, prepare a well-concentrated herbal infusion with cold water.

Take the melon and using a teaspoon make a hole as if to make a glass, remove the seeds and remove the pulp evenly so that the fruit serves as a container.

Mix the melon pulp, with the infusion and the vodka and mix.

Add some melon fruit salad, add the herbal infusion, some crushed ice and as much fruit as you'd like, and your drink is ready to enjoy!


To serve your mate in an attractive way, you can use colorful straws, umbrellas, and even personalize melons with stickers for special events and celebrations.

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