How to prepare your Yerba Mate?

To drink your Yerba Mate, you will need:

- Yerba Mate

- A calabash

- A bombilla

1. Prepare hot water.

The water must first be heated.

Be careful not to boil the water. Using water that is too hot makes the mate very bitter, degrades the Yerba Mate and increases the risk of burning your lips and / or throat. Ideally, the water should be between 70 ° C and 80 ° C. But how do you know when the water is at the right temperature? By stopping heating it as soon as it starts to simmer (appearance of the first bubbles) or by using a kettle with thermostat.

2. Prepare the Yerba Maté.

In a small mug (other than the one you are going to taste your mate in), pour the amount of mate you are going to use in your calabash / tasting mug. The amount used must be equal to a three-quarter (75/80%) filling of your calabash / tasting cup.

Once your mate is positioned in your small intermediate preparation cup, shake the mate several times, putting your hand on top to remove as much powder as possible (you can also add an extra step by passing your mate through a sieve).

Then moisten your mate with warm water (which is therefore always in your small cup of preparation) then stir it with a teaspoon in order to moisten it in its entirety, do not hesitate to add water if necessary.

You must then fill the calabash / tasting cup with your prepared mate.

3. Pour in the hot water.

4. Place the bombilla.

Bombilla is the filter straw that allows you to drink mate without letting the leaves through. Once the water has been poured, place the bombilla, and do not move it afterwards.

Tip: Cap the top of the bombilla with your thumb when inserting it to prevent mate leaves from passing through the filter.

5. Enjoy your mate!

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