Exotic tereré

Exotic tereré

To make this recipe, you will need:

- Yerba Maté
- coconut water (or juice)
- Pineapple juice
- Chopped watermelon
- Sugar or sweetener


In a tall glass add the Yerba Mate, a few pieces of watermelon, ice cubes, cold coconut water and finally a touch of pineapple juice.


    If you want the drink to be sweet, add sugar or sweetener to the juice before inserting to avoid stirring it.

To know

This drink is ideal for days of increased physical activity, where hydration and muscle strength are essential.

Coconut water is an optimal source of manganese (one cup provides you with 20% RDI), an essential micro-mineral for bone building and hormone production that works on the body to reduce fatigue. In addition to hydrating and reducing fatigue, it also helps reduce water retention.

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